Bagmati River Waterkeeper

Mr. Mausam Khanal
Cell: +977 9841266456


Bagmati is one of the major sources of drinking water and is used by many for bathing and cleansing purposes. With rapid urbanization and population growth, the river has experienced a drastic turn for the worse. Due to lack of legal enforcement for illegal squatters and local polluters, and government negligence in handling the waste of a densely populated municipality, the Bagmati has turned into an open sewer and dumpsite. This has been coupled with rapid deforestation and sand mining in the river, creating soil erosion and landslides, increasing the river’s turbidity and overall degradation.

Mausam Khanal has been working in river conservation for the last twelve years in Nepal. He graduated from Tribhuvan University, Nepal with a Master Degree in Environmental Science. Mr. Khanal has been the Executive Director of Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) since 2011-2015 and is a board member of NRCT till now. Since 2007, he has worked, researched, trained in, and studied water systems and environmental areas/issues in Nepal. He was also associated with Rural Reconstruction Nepal as an expert for the biodiversity management in the Eastern Nepal for two and half years. He has a good knowledge on project management, leadership, community mobilization and event management.